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November 10, 2018


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Tips for Reporting Wage Theft if Your Employer is Stealing From You

It is hard to imagine why someone would want to steal from you when you are working for them but it does happen. You should not be that surprised to hear that there are companies that do skim the employees. You may not even know you are a victim if you do not pay attention to your paycheck. If the employer is not just using the hours you have worked to calculate your salary, then you are more vulnerable. Not many people go through the constitution to understand the laws related to wages and it is this lack of knowledge that makes employees vulnerable to skimming. If you understand the laws, it will be easy for you to report wage theft if you realize it has been happening. Do not assume that this crime happens in the dark room. The theft occurs in quite some straightforward way. Many employers break the law by not meeting the minimum wage. There is a federal minimum wage while some states set their own minimum wage. No employer should go below the $7.25 hourly rate imposed by the federal law. If the state and federal laws are quoted, the employer should go with the higher number.

In case you are assigned overtime, the hourly rate should be 2 1/2 times what the normal rate is. If you clock more than 40 hours a week at work, count the extra hours and ask for the right payment. This form of wage theft happens all the time and few people are aware of it. If you repeat wage theft, the employer will have to compensate for all the amount stolen. There are employers who will enter incorrect numbers on your paycheck and pay you less some few dollars which you cannot notice until you are keen. Even if you had agreed on the hourly rate before, you might have inconsistencies on the paycheck. Sometimes, you are given a lot of money to complete a certain task and it might seem to be a lot and you will be happy and not think of anything else. However, divide the amount you got and the number of hours it took for you to complete the task in the end and ask for the remainder of the money if it is below the minimum wage.

Be keen in checking for overtime payments. The hours and numbers go up quickly that employers would like which is why they might try to cut back. When the contract is legally binding, you have every right to demand what is rightfully yours.For more tips, you should click here. You can learn more on this site. Click here for more about this issue.