Overwhelmed by the Complexity of Awards? This May Help

November 16, 2018

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The Importance of Student Awards to Students and How They Motivate them

This is because they will have a mindset that all their efforts would be met by criticism and they won’t bother adding an extra effort. Small recognition gestures mean a lot of students especially from the parent’s part. Some of the common recognition items are certificates and plaques, lunch out with the teacher of their choice, giving the student leadership responsibility, hosting a class party, announcements of achievement in the school parade or the school’s magazine, giving out affordable pens, paper and notebooks and also an achievement board in the classroom or hallway with yearly, weekly or monthly student recognition updates. Genuine recognition will try as much as possible to get the most of the student to be motivated and remain to instill a good moral culture in the student of working hard. Rewarding is a behavioral approach that encourages the student to be helpful as no amount of complacency or complaining will and them anything.

At the end of the road, the words to leave the teachers and parents with the control they have two more student’s behavior. In the book “The Risk of Rewards”, Alfie Kohn warns that good values should be approached from a grooming that grows good values from the inside out to a child. Kohn warns that rewards such as punishment are unnecessary and will be ultimately destructive the child’s learning. However, there is no one particular right way of getting an award system in a school. Another better means of rewarding is to create a family environment in school. Treating high achievers as kings and queens only make the low performing students to the comfortable the performance as they slowly believe that is nothing special in them.

Award systems will also work better in schools when they promote a team environment rather than promoting individual achievements. Reward systems in schools should be based on effort as opposed to academic intelligence.

In conclusion, the words can have a positive effect on the child’s performance and can lead them to be motivated and want to perform better in schools. Rewards if not taken care of, can be a source of demotivation as it inclines the attention of the teacher to particular students and the rest feel left out and not good enough. Such societies have the proper regalia to make child’s special day like graduation look beautiful even if they didn’t perform well.

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